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The Truth About Homosexuality and Change

Real and lasting change is available to those who desire freedom from unwanted homosexual attractions.  There is also help for families and friends of gays, lesbians and bisexuals to reconcile with their loved ones, but not at the expense of their values.  Reclamation Resource Center does this by proclaiming the reality of homosexuality and change to all who will listen and by offering a message of grace concerning homosexuality and Christianity. We also provide information about the ex-gay experience and a compassionate dialogue about homosexuality and the Bible.

Reclamation Resource Center realizes that everyone who deals with attractions to the same sex doesn't desire to be gay. We also understand that some might disagree with our traditional Biblical beliefs about homosexuality and change. 

Our goal is to help those who do not wish to be identified or controlled by their homosexual desires.  It is also our goal to educate and motivate others (especially the church) to treat ALL with dignity and respect, regardless of how they choose to deal with their homosexual attractions.

The issue of homosexuality and change is very controversial, but the needs of those desiring change should be met.  The fact is there are many who have grappled with the issue of homosexuality and change in their own lives and found the real and lasting change they desired.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you are curious about what it means to change or why someone would even want to change.

    Our Mission

Reclamation Resource Center exists to provide hope and truth by proclaiming to all who will listen that freedom from homosexuality is available through a personal relationship with Jesus.  For more information about having a relationship with Jesus, click here.

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